Carrying Political Campaign on Facebook with the help of facebook auto post group software

Posted on February 18, 2017 By

Politicians are now converting Facebook to a new platform to enhance their political career. With the popularity in youth of technology, many politicians are realizing the significance of Facebook. They are trying to find their votes on Facebook, as it seems effective to convince the youth. The last election young people are boosted on ?Vote or Die? situation.

Marketing director for Facebook, Melanie Deitch said, ?We wanted to provide a forum for politicians to have their ideas heard.?

The observers on political issues have noticed that Facebook is becoming a center of attention to people all over the world and it?ll prove to be effective to carry an election campaigns there. In addition to this Politicians are also taking Facebook Applications under their consideration, many applications are already present on Facebook promoting some candidates.

Professor of political science, University of Saskatchewan, David McGrane, in an interview to CBC News said ?Facebook has picked up where blogs left off. This is sort of the first Facebook election,? he said. ?Though blogs have been used in past federal elections, the feeling is ? the feeling I?m getting ? is that technology like this, information technology, is going to become more and more a part of elections.?

Larissa Shasko the candidate of Green party in the Saskatchewan riding of Palliser has a Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Application. Within three days of campaign, she got 44 supporters on that politician page. She said that she uses Facebook to send messages to her supporters, but avoid being a spammer.

She also said, ?I don?t believe in spamming. I think to use Facebook to spam people is irresponsible and it just hurts those of us that are trying to get our message across to a younger age demographic who believe Facebook is a great way to let us all speak.?

Ralph Goodale, Liberal candidate, had more than 600 supporters on his Facebook page. There are many like these on Facebook and all of them are seeking for more. Some Political candidates have their own Facebook Applications to promote their ideas and motives.

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