The following projects are a sampling of our capabilities.

  • Power/Volume control with digital pot and 7-segment display
  • Programmable tinnitus treatment instrument
  • Poultry drinking water control with automatic cleaning feature
  • 802.11 transceiver with GPS module based on Prism 1 and Hitachi SH-2 processor
  • Waste water controller with ultrasonic level sensing and pH balance control for PCB board washer
  • Programmable, automatic multi-turn potentiometer adjustment controller
  • Remote arming panel for residential security system
  • Alarm clock/controller with 32 programmable alarm times
  • Video graphics controller module interfacing transparently with 14-pin 2×40 LCD module
  • 300MHz multi-function remote control transmitter and receiver
  • Rugged, 1000 NIT backlight, LCD VGA operator console with touchscreen based on Intel SA1100