What Does Article Blog Poster And Facebook Poster Do

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Will Take Your SINGLE Article & Rewrite It Many Times and would you promote it on sites like facebook with the same article. You have facebook auto poster 100% working like robot answer but how would you do it

Will Use Over 400,000 (And Climbing) Synonyms / Related Words and Auto-Replace Them

With Others

Custom replace a string of words, i.e, “they can” into, “they could”, etc!

Will Allow You to Choose Which Category You Want To Post In, And Allow You To Select

Sub-categories in Which You Want Re-written Content Made From A Data Base Of User

Submitted Articles In Your Category Or Related Category

Take Snippets Of Paragraphs And Mix Them Around & Use Our Database Of Those 400,000 related words To Make The New Written Articles Come Out Unique, EACH TIME!

Allow You To Choose X Amount Of keywords You Want Hyperlinked To Your Home Page,

AND OR Inner Pages Of Your Site (Deep Linking) You Choose.

Articles Get Sent For Approval And Is Checked With Our Very OWN Copyscape Type Of Software. If YOUR Article Is Found To Be More Than 50% Identical To Others You Have Submitted Online, The Article Will Be Rejected Pending Your Actions To Re-Edit, this insures the integrity and quality of the re-written articles

X Amount Of Re-written Articles Will Be Made Based On How Many Articles In That Category You Choose And Related Sub-category

Delay Time Interval The Posting Of Your Original Content & Re-written Content To A Wide Range Of Related Blogs, X amount One Hour, X Amount Another Hour, X Amount Another Day, And So On Until ALL Have Been Submitted – they will keep being submitted even if you don’t renew your membership!

Takes Into Account How Many Links / Posts Get Submitted, So Not To Create Any Red Flags, The Script Has Been Designed To Act Like If A Human Submitted The Articles

Auto Keyword Search: Article Blog Poster will let you know if the keywords you want linked up in the re-written articles are available.

3 Different Membership Levels

Silver, Gold, & Platinum Levels.

Silver Level will allow you to contain 3 Home Page URLs linked to any keyword you want with auto-allocation of your keyword in original article be matched to re-written articles.

Cost: $27.00 per month

Gold Level, same as above, but you will ALSO be allowed to add 3 EXTRA deep links to your desired keywords and also be auto-allocated / matched to re-written articles, for a total of 6 links inside each article.

Cost: $47.00 per month

Platinum Level, same as both above, but this time you get to choose 6 other keywords, 3 of which will be used at any one time and hyperlinked into articles that match that keyword, for a total of 9 links in each article re-written.

Cost: $67.00 per month

Beta testers are locked in at the prices below!




No Article Directory, or any free blog account, or social bookmarking account allows you to do this. If you’re looking for total one way linkage, then Article Blog Poster is it!

Advanced Indexing Of Submitted Articles

We have TOTALLY Re-built The WordPress Software – Did You Know They Actually Put In Some Bugs To STOP you from doing What we wanted to do? Yes that’s right, the developers told us after my trusted programmer let them know about the bug he found. I wont repeat what the Word Press developer said, it wasn’t nice, other than that said they put the bug in there on purpose!

After some tweaks here and there, we’ve added some modficatons to our templates that not only are SEO Friendly in mind, but ping services out at certain intervals a day. In developement right now is another software that we are going to use to submit these blogs to a wide range of blog directories.

We’ve also included another feature that uses a special algorithm we made to help speed up the process rather than relying on blog directory submissions, and ping services.

Remember, we are in beta phases, things will need to be tweaked as we go along.

I Cordinally Invite You To Become A Beta Tester

As a beta tester, below you will see 3 different sets of monthly subscription fees.

As a beta tester you are required of a few things…

Submit 5 articles PER WEEK

Content MUST be unique

No Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Sex Related, Guns / Ammo Articles of that type are permitted. If You Are Found Submitting That type of content, you will be removed instantly.

Article Blog Poster beta testers needed

Lock Yourself In At The Prices Above – When You Join!

1st set of 100 beta testers get dibs at $10.00 per month – Save $57.00 per month!

2nd set of 100 beta testers get dibs at $15.00 per month – Save $52.00 per month!

3rd set of 100 beta testers get dibs at $20.00 per month – Save $47.00 per month!

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